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Already in the past, our parents in the property housed fishermen with their families. We have kept this message and although we are from Brno, we have loved it here and we are returning to Brno sporadically. The apartment is ideally suited, all three rooms have an entrance from the common room, so you are still in touch with your friends, but at the same time soundproofed doors will ensure privacy. You can use our family sauna, cooling pool, bar with Sentic’s honey bier and outdoor hot tub (USSP) where you can play your favorite music. It was one of the first things we did for rest after physical work. We also offer massages.

We are former athletes (occasionally still stupid), the owner is a store of jokes, we like nice people. We fish, and when we do not work, we’re going to the bike.

Right next to the house you will see the castle ruins of Frenštejn. It has a charming charm and the view is worth it. It is up to you to decide which castles to visit first, whether it is Bítov, Vranov or you are going to Austria. Information, leaflets will be handed to you on the spot. The river flows through the river Dyje where we go to swim. The water is not clear to the bottom but it is chemically free, and unlike the lower part of the river and the Vranov Dam there are no cyanobacteria. We look forward to your visit.

Eduard Hrdlička and Dagmar Fialová



Dagmar Fialová
Podhradí nad Dyjí č.90
671 06  Šafov
Czech Republic

Cell number: (+420) 608 616 173
GPS:  N 48°53.94503′, E 15°41.28903′ (mapa)